Officers and Members

2024-2025 Chapter Officers

Michelle Strong

Kimberlyne Bethea
First-Vice President

Cynthia Eaton
Second-Vice President

Rosalind Wynne Bell

Natasha Towles

Carol Thame
Financial  Secretary

Iman Nero
Corresponding Secretary

Monica Van Eyken

Anita Trotman

Vevelyn Webb
Keeper of the Door

LaTrice Hollins
Ivy Leaf Reporter

Shonda Alston and Tracy Wise

Cynthia Vickers Wilson
Nominating Committee Chair

Sara Reeder

Valerie Harris

Candace Croft, Roberta Torian, and Cynthia Vickers Wilson
Nominating Committee

Yolanda George Turman and Tracy Wise
President’s Council

LaTrice Hollins
ITO Newsletter Editor

2024 Committee Chairs

Michelle Strong

Cynthia Eaton

Natasha Towles
Budget and Finance

Sara Reeder

Brianna Williamson
GenerationNEXT Chair

Vevelyn Webb
EAF Captain

Yolanda George Turman
Connections and Social Action Chair

LaTrice Hollins
Publicity and Public Relations

Yolanda George Turman

Rosalind Wynne Bell

Brianna Williamson

Chapter Members

  • Shonda Alston
  • Joyce Finch Baughn
  • Rosalind Wynne Bell
  • Kimberlyne Bethea
  • Audrey Conway
  • Candace Croft
  • Kimberly Dotson-Brown
  • Cynthia Eaton
  • Jacqueline¬† Faulcon
  • Yvette Franklin
  • Valerie Harris
  • LaTrice Hollins
  • Annabelle Jackson
  • Carmen Lesesne
  • Fredda Maddox
  • Ruby McMillian
  • Francine McNairy
  • Olympia Mitchell
  • Nikki Monroe-Hines
  • Iman Nero
  • Charlena Newell
  • Sara Reeder
  • Tracey Ray Robinson
  • Letitia H. Shaw
  • Brenda Spells
  • Michelle Lee Strong
  • Carol Thame
  • Roberta Torian
  • Natasha Towles
  • Anita Trotman
  • Yolanda George Turman
  • Monica Van Eyken
  • Vevelyn Webb
  • Brianna Williamson
  • Cynthia Vickers Wilson
  • Tracy Wise

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